Mental health is a serious concern for all women who strive to be at the top of
their game.
Not only do career-driven women have the pressure of having to work much
harder than men to make it far in the corporate world but they are also
expected to carry most of the caregiving responsibilities. 
No wonder there are so many of us feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or even
anxious and depressed. 
I’ve compiled a list of 6 ways that we can work on together to put ourselves
first, so that we can progress the way we want to in other parts of our lives.

1. Find a Tribe
In order to work on this together, we need there to be a togetherness
first! Having a community to support you and uplift you can offer a sense of
belonging and can you feel empowered in your decisions in all aspects of your
life. Netwomen is a platform that offers collaboration, connection, compassion

and creativity. Finding other women who are facing the same issues as you can
make you feel recognised and heard in all the turbulence of life.

2. Find a Support Mechanism
Be it meditation, family, friends, exercise, nature or faith. Whatever works for
you. I listen to meditations going to sleep every night. The Smiling Mind app
(which is free) has honestly changed my life. Couldn’t recommend it enough as
there are so many different categories including ones for kids and couples. I have
been listening to the Thrive Inside section for over a year now. It has been able
to ground me in the most anxious of times.

3. Practise Forgiveness
I’ve heard a few times that hating someone is like taking the poison yourself
and expecting the other person to suffer from it. It’s not good for our souls to
hold on to hatred and grudges. Let go of it and focus on yourself. The
acceptance of the fact you can only really control what you do can be quite
calming and enlightening.

4. Schedule Time for Yourself
Treat this time as if it were an important meeting that you would never cancel
on! Whether it be a long hot bath, your favourite movie marathon (no
compromises with a significant other on this one if you have one!) or just
singing and dancing with nobody watching in your room. What activity makes
you feel most like yourself?

5. Realise 
That some people will have different viewpoints to you and that’s okay. It is in
this that we find diversity and diversity promotes growth in the world. Also,
don’t take rejection from a client, customer, or anyone personally. Everyone
has stuff going on that you might not know about. Most peoples’ negative
actions are a reflection of themselves, not you, and it doesn't take away from
your self worth or work.

6. Be Mindful
This month is Mindful March here at Netwomen so we will be focussing a lot
on it and coming up with useful tips. Follow us on our socials and get involved!
We would love to hear from you.


By Farlan netwomen ambassador