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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is Your Secret Weapon.

Attract a stronger pool of talent. 

Promote without gender bias. 

Increase your profits, your cash flow, and count on investor interest to soar.

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We could get into all the reasons why gender equity in the digital and software workplace is morally right. 

In cold, hard terms, it’s also the right thing to do for the sustainability and longevity of your company. 

With 69% of executives rating diversity and inclusion as an important issue, but only 5% of companies installing and executing a strategy that works, everyone is fumbling around in the dark for the right next step. 

Don’t keep fumbling. 

We got you. 

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Companies that welcome and cultivate diversity are 1.7x more innovative
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of Gen Z are ethnic and racial minorities
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Diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenues

Future-Proof the Leadership of Your Company with DEI Foundations That Work

In a decade, the workforce is going to be majority female, majority ethnically diverse, and majority Gen Z. Time to get a strategy in place.

Women in Leadership

Effective DEI is More Than “A Seat Near the Boardroom Table”

Having a gender-diverse workforce is a great start, but what are you doing to promote women into positions of leadership and keep them there? Women leaders can make a huge difference not only in your workplace culture, but in your bottom line. This training reveals practical methods you can apply to make sure that this untapped talent in your organization is realized, promoted, retained, and valued so you can make the most of their perspective and presence. 

For Employees, Management, and Executives

Human Resources Reboot

Harness the Power of DEI-Energized HR

Time to figure out how to use HR for something other than resolving dueling vacation requests and social events. And your HR team is probably itching to take this training on – this is the kind of stuff they live for!

  • Adaptive Solutions for Employee Retention
  • Leadership as a Tool for Retention
  • Fiercely Competitive: How to Attract the Best Talent Out There with DEI 

Time to make your HR team a part of your profitability matrix!

For HR Managers & Personnel, Middle Managers, and Executives

Corporate Inclusivity Courses

Get EVERYONE on the Same DEI Page

Time to give everyone the opportunity to learn how DEI can impact the boardroom and your bottom line…and how to put it all to work as a cohesive strategy for visibility, morale, and profits. Divided into courses designed for technology management/executives and their teams, our training allows you to choose which cohort needs a nudge in the right direction, but it’s likely both.

For Employees, Middle-Management, and Executives

AGILE DEI Solutions

You need something more tailored to the objectives of your team. We offer customized training, workshops, and leadership courses to help your team grow into the workplace of the future.

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Has Doing Nothing Cost You Anything?

When companies that have a gender-diverse c-suite outperform their competition in

it can be hard to calculate how much the gender imbalance in your c-suite is costing your bottom line.

All Programs Are

  • Digitally delivered
  • Optimized for tailored audiences
  • Built for groups of 20+
  • Led by experienced and certified professionals
  • Delivered in bite-sized, 1- hour sessions
  • Specialized to address issues around inclusivity and equity 

“Leaders must acknowledge that increasing demographic diversity does not, by itself, increase effectiveness; what matters is how an organization harnesses diversity, and whether it’s willing to reshape its power structure.”

– Harvard Business Review

Looking for a Little More DEI Assistance?

Optional Aftercare

Feel like you could use a little more support after your sessions? Now that we’ve spent some time with your team and we understand your structure, we would love to be a resource you can reach out to. 

Schedule a time or buy a block of hours after you’ve completed a session so that you can chat with us when you need us. 

Don’t Let Stats Like These Become a Weight on Your Shoulders.

0 %
Boards with more than 30% of women executives financially outperformed those with less.
- McKinsey
Women In Leadership
0 %

Workplace diversity is listed as an important factor by 67% of job seekers when choosing an employer.

- Glassdoor
DEI Energized HR
0 %

Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

-Harvard Business Review
Diverse Work Cultures

DEI Strategies that Give You Stronger Profits, Happier Workers, and Better Market Share

You don’t have to start from scratch or put your already overtaxed HR department to work on a project that will constantly be put on the back burner.

(You have a lot of plates in the air, we get it!)

But the truth of the matter is that GenZ is looking for employers who are culturally and gender diverse. And they are going to become the majority of the workforce in a decade.

You need to start working NOW to attract the talent, the investors, and the markets you want. You want them ready to beat down your doors for the chance to be a part of your company.

Talk to us, we can help you make it happen.

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“Workers who are satisfied with their company’s efforts on [DEI] issues are actually happier with their jobs. They are more likely than others to say that they have good opportunities to advance their careers, and they are more likely to feel like they are paid well for the work they do.”

– Laura Wronski, Research Science Manager at SurveyMonkey

DEI Strategies that Set You Apart from Your Closest Competition.

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All delivered digitally.
  • Gain insight into how to retain the talent you have cultivated.
  • Become THE place to work, with an inclusive work culture that is already in high demand.
  • Understand where you need to grow. 
  • Learn how to thoughtfully lead changes that elevate everyone.
  • Better understand the POV of employees and how they view the new world of work.
  • Plan how you are going to address the needs of a mix of Millenial and GenZ desired work environments and options.
  • Gain a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas. 
  • Work with DEI professional coaches and trainers who have “been there, done that, have the mug to prove it.”
  • Follow-up support is always available!
  • Bite-sized sessions for higher info retention and action rates.
  • Optimized for working with software and technology firms.

I joined the Leadership Programme which is a very welcoming, friendly group. I have already increased my network and progressed my career. The membership is excellent value.

Nick, Employee Resource Group Lead,

“I joined the Inclusive Leadership program after struggling to find the next step in my career. We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my values, tackled current work issues and explored future career ideas. I was so pleased with the structure and focus of each module. I can honestly say that I have work/life balance and better communication skills. I highly recommend this programme. I feel focused and productive.”

Yvonne, Team Lead, HR

The Leadership program is a brilliant supportive community for career women. It has been crucial for me in my business and personal growth. it can be tough and sometimes lonely in your career so I would highly recommend joining for anyone looking for peer to peer support and progressing in your career. ” 

Heather, Senior Management , recruitment

My coaching sessions with Pinky have been amazing. She always takes my energy up a notch (or five) in half the time of other coaches that I have worked with. Our sessions are a mixture of business prep, mindset and visualisation. I’m currently changing a lot of things within my business, creating more of the life that I want for myself and it’s been amazing to have Pinky by my side to hold me accountable and get the ideas out of my brain and into action. if you’re looking for some support with your own mindset and business goals then look no further!

Bethan Woodward