Team performance

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(Pre-requisite: Completion of the three programs of the HR program)

Program 1 (4 week)

Behavioral Styles – Observation, Assessment and Determination. 

Typical HR tools to search for new employees include job analysis, job description, job requirements and compensation packages. What is however missing in the search is the preferred type of person who will best fit the job and get along working with others. Step-by-step, the Behavioral Matrix Identification Program teaches managers how to best integrate new personnel in their department or how to organize existing department personnel for optimal job satisfaction, full inclusivity, and job efficiencies.  Behavioral Style identification can then guide managers to create High Efficiency Teams, Self-Learning Teams and Optimal Situational Leadership, all foundations of successful organizations.  For HR Personnel, HR Managers and Company Managers.

Program 2 (4 week)

High Efficiency Teams

The ability to know which behavioral style works best in inner department assignments,  external department communications, communication with customers and cross department projects, can provide the company vice president and department managers invaluable assistance to achieve efficiencies at the very top of their industries, maximizing the company competitive edge.  This hands-on workshop provides actual learning practice for the top vice president and the department manager.  For HR Personnel, HR Managers, Company Officers, and Department Managers.

Program 3 (4 weeks)

Self-Learning Teams 

It is interesting how in many companies, no matter how many hours a manager spends with employees, he/she has to be present to resolve any problem and suggest solutions.  This Program teaches members of any team (even team of one) how to identify what works and what does not work, how to measure it and how to self-correct until optimal performance is achieved.  For HR Managers and Department Managers.