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Women Elevating Women and Netwomen™ are an online community and DEI training program dedicated to the idea that creating equity in the workplace is directly linked to the long-term success of any organization.

Netwomen has made the transition to becoming an entrepreneur so much easier because I was able to meet so many inspiring women at their events. Thank you Pinky! – Ruby G., Edinburgh | Netwomen™

It’s Our Mission To Help Organisations Increase Profits By Elevating Ambitious Women And Keeping Them There. Let’s Celebrate A Gender Balanced World And A Sustainable Future For All.

Hi, I’m Pinky.

I had a great career as an optometrist…except that it wasn’t helping me realize my potential. It felt hollow. So after a lot of introspection and work on me, I became an NLP Certified Coach. I was going to conquer the world. 

And then I started networking. 

What. A. Drag. 

Salesy. Desperate. Male-dominated. And just…not where my ideal client was spending her time.

So I created my own event.

I started WiNE in 2015, an in-person networking event (Women in Networking Edinburgh) that was focused on women interested in supporting and encouraging each other. 

In 2020, I got it into my mind that I could reach more people with the message that women should support each other not just locally, but globally. That is when came into being. started as an online networking membership designed to help women meet, support, coach, advise, and work with each other.

Just like every evolving business, our mission has evolved to include giving corporate entities the tools and insight they need to promote and keep women at the decision-making table.  

DEI is not just a moral obligation, it’s a profitability strategy. We have grown into Netwomen™ Foundation

All women need support at work. 

Our foundation supports coaches who work with women experiencing toxic work environments that expose them to bullying, harassment, and discrimination. 

10% of all Corporate Membership dues are put towards the work of our Foundation.


Tara Lehman
Netwomen Division Director for Transport/trucking Canada/USA

After 23 years of working in the trucking/transportation industry, Tara has joined Netwomen to make an impact on how women and integrated into this male-dominated industry.

By showing transportation companies that profits and diversity (at all employment levels) go hand in hand, Tara can help transportation experts like you retain valuable employees, rake in profits, and build on innovations within the industry. 

She has experience in HR strategies, small business growth strategies, conflict management, career development, effectively working with diverse workplace cultures, and leadership guidance as well as implementation and follow-through practices.

Certified in

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Career Coaching and Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship and Business CoachTara also owns Twin Life Coaching & Business Services.
Michelle De Almeida
Netwomen Division Director for Tech Uk/USA

With over 20 years in senior management positions in hospitality across Scotland + working as a business development manager for a women’s entrepreneurship incubator, Michelle knows her way around a workplace…especially fast-paced and dynamic workplaces within the tech sector.Ultimately results-driven, Michelle helps companies within the tech sector recognize their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to diversity within the ranks of senior management.

Is it profitable to have upper management have all the same life experiences? Probably not.

By helping companies recognize their potential, she can lead them towards making choices around diversity that lead to better workplace cultures and longevity and desirability for the next generation of incoming innovators. 

Shelley Green
Netwomen Division Director for tech UK/USA

Who loves data? Shelley. 

Who loves taking that data and turning it into actionable strategies that bring profits, employee retention, and investors to the table? That would be Shelley again. 

Not only does Shelley love working with data, she likes working with tech companies who want to see results from their investment in diversity at the top table and in their staff.

By putting numbers on “soft” business strategies like DEI, she can show you how changing the way you approach hiring, promoting, and incentivizing your employees can revolutionize the way you do business. 

Rahni Jenkins
Rahni Jenkins
Netwomen Division Director for Healthcare, USA

Rahni Jenkins has transformed programs and organizations through her expertise in the fields of human resource development, change management, diversity, equity, inclusion, and advocacy.  

She is a thought leader with over 10 years of experience working with multiple sectors such as public education, public health, non-profit, for-profit businesses, local governments, law firms, healthcare and much more. Over the past year Rahni has trained and advised over 30,000 professionals internationally and aided in strategic planning and learning development for various organizations such as Microsoft. Her work focuses on creating a more inclusive environment, a sense of belonging, a culture of engagement and equity.

Rahni holds various credentials and is currently a doctoral candidate in Diversity & Equity from the University of Illinois. She is the founder and CEO of RNJ Consulting, LLC. She is a passionate advocate for social justice, leadership development, and reducing disparities our communities experience.

Trish Wolfe Anton
Netwomen Division Director for Higher Education, USA

Trish worked in college student affairs / higher education administration for over 30 years before joining the NetWomen leadership team. Her drive and focus has and always will be DEI and particularly lifting up women of color. Trish has extensive experience with design, development, and implementation of social justice training and development programs and academic courses, as well as coaching young professionals as they learn to become culturally competent supervisors and leaders. 

Trish completed doctoral coursework in Human Resource Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a master’s degree in higher education at Indiana University – Bloomington, and her undergraduate degree in Elementary and Special Education at Providence College. She is a past participant of the Social Justice Training Institute and both past participant and faculty at the National Housing Training Institute. She is a member of ATD and NEA and has a passion for life-long learning. 

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Laura Bosworth 
Division Director for Finance UK/US

Laura has worked in the recruitment and employer branding industry for more years than she’d care to disclose. Working with clients across a range of sectors and industries in the UK and the US.
A diversity, equity and inclusion leader her aim is to unlock economic opportunity for all because everyone deserves a fair chance. Over the course of her career, she has had the privilege of building and executing strategies and programmes that help level the playing field and create employment pathways into Technology, Professional Services and Financial Services. Laura consults senior executives at FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies on developing diversity recruiting strategies backed with insights, including empowering and connecting emerging and established women leaders across the globe. Motivated by the ability to have social impact at scale, building empowered teams and influencing leaders to make more inclusive and intentional decisions. Laura is someone who loves a good brainstorming session but gets truly excited when creating a long term vision backed with actionable roadmaps.

Katie DaCosta 
Netwomen Division Director for Tech UK/US

Katie has had more than 20 years working as a Business leader leading Learning, Organisational development and DE&I in Global Technology organisations.

She now focuses on supporting organisations in transforming and modernising Learning, Leadership and Inclusion through effective strategies, programs and coaching.

She believes a business is only as great as its employees, and that starts with the leaders. Therefore she works to help organisations develop effective and inclusive management capabilities early on so that they don’t have to fix employee engagement, performance challenges, company profitability and poor brand later on.

As a female leader working in Tech, she understands and has seen first-hand the frustrations that women face, and she works 1-1 to support women navigate and develop further in their career as a Career, Leadership coach and business mentor.