HR Reboot

Your largest expense is your employees.

From payroll to training, from the latest equipment to making sure that your snack room is just as good as the firm’s next door…they cost a lot of money. 

It used to feel like these things were an investment, but now with 40% of the overall workforce thinking about looking elsewhere, and the demand for software engineers skyrocketing, what used to be perks are just ho-hum. And putting in a beanbag lounge and a ping-pong table isn’t going to keep them working for you.

(You’ve tried those. Snacks work better.)

You need a better engagement and retention strategy, one that will give your employees a reason to stick around that goes beyond a bonus, a new title, or even a standing desk. 

We are going to help you build that strategy.

You Need Strategic Staff Engagement, Retention, and Acquisition That Isn’t a Decade Old.

That means a refocus on gender equity,
executable DEI strategies, and a way to move EVERYONE forward.

Program One

Why Employees Leave: An Introduction to Adaptive Solutions

For HR Personnel and HR Managers.

Without fully understanding the reasons why people are leaving and where they are going, you can’t find and apply effective solutions. Your HR needs to adopt a proactive approach to uncovering and understanding your employees’ perspectives and how you can use the knowledge to keep them on staff without bribing them with perks that leave them feeling ‘meh’ about their future with the company (see above snacks commentary).

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Program Two

DEI Leadership Essentials to Retain Employees

For HR Managers, VPs, and Managers.

Your managers are dedicated, and they love their teams. But undertrained team leaders lead to high rates of employee turnover. This program focuses on how to help those managers uncover unresolved issues with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, management style, untapped leadership potential, and how to strengthen teams through unbiased hiring and management practices.

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Program Three

Be More Competitive: Attract and Retain Talent with Sustainable DEI Strategies

For HR Personnel and HR Managers.

This program addresses solutions and strategies that an HR Department can adopt to increase their competitive edge with regard to locating, interviewing, offering, and hiring optimal candidates with an eye on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

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AGILE DEI Solutions

You need something more tailored to the objectives of your team. We offer customized training, workshops, and leadership courses to help your team grow into the workplace of the future.

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Time is running out. Get your strategy in place.

In a decade, Gen Z will take over as the majority of the workforce. 

48% of GenZ is made up of racial and ethnic minorities. 

51% of Gen Z is female. 

So it is no wonder that 73% of Gen Z report that a robust DEI work culture is important to them.

When only 22% of software c-suite positions are filled by women, and only 4% of c-suite positions overall are held by women of color, the world of work has a lot of work to do. 

We are here to help you move your company towards a future with diverse and equitable representation in leadership from the c-suite on down.

These programs are ideal for:

HR Managers, VPs, and Managers who want to build a sustainable and long-term future with staff

  • Groups of 20 or more
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Once-a-week sessions for 4 weeks
  • 1 hour-a-day, live, online Training

Pricing is contingent on multiple factors including
group size, experience, and scheduling.

At, we have been assisting our one-on-one clients make huge improvements in their own lives and organizations by encouraging them to seek out leadership positions, reach beyond middle management, and then turn around and help the women following them. 

The statistics speak for themselves, but anecdotally, we can tell you the huge strides that promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have had on not just company cultures but also on the bottom line. More investors, more employees, and customers are seeking companies that not only talk the DEI talk, but walk the DEI walk. 

Time to start walking.