Women in Leadership

Effective DEI is More Than a Seat Near the Table

1 Program for Women in Upper Management

1 Program for Women in Middle Management and Employees

taught by certified trainers with real-world experience

Developed by experienced corporate advisors and globally successful women, the “Women in Leadership” Series exists to promote overall financial and cultural enhancement of your organization

Give women managers and employees the skills they need to climb the corporate ladder within your organization. 

This training helps your employees get a grasp on how to value the skills they bring to the table, hone their leadership skills in their current position, build the company culture they want to see, and climb that corporate ladder…resulting in a more sustainable and profitable with less turnover and fewer expensive new hires in upper management.

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Women make up 47% of the workforce, but only occupy 22% of C-Suite Positions. This only looks worse for WOC, as they make up only 4% of the C-Suite. 

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Companies that have 30%+ of their c-suite occupied by women outperform those with 10-30% by a 48% margin in profitability and innovation.


For every 100 men promoted to manager, only 86 women are promoted, despite parity in requests for promotion. No wonder only 22% make it to the C-Suite.

We’ve Already Built the Program, You Just Have to Put Your Leaders Forward!

For Upper Management

Strategies for Upward Mobility

Week 1 –Theories and Realities

Female Leadership 15 principles – theory and practice 

Week 2 – Communicating Clearly

How to communicate effectively with other women for better working relationships 

Week 3 – Management Revelations

Relationship versus Task management – improving output and employee satisfaction

Week 4 – Set Your Path

Empowerment techniques for women workers for optimal corporate growth – practice

For Middle Management & Staff

Recognizing Your Own Potential

Week 1 – What the Data Tells Us

A review of the McKinsey Report on women’s superior performance areas – practice

Week 2 –What are Your Leadership Skills? 

Personal skill inventory and behavioral match from charts – discussions 

Week 3 –What Does Good Company Culture Look Like? 

Creating a happy and fulfilling work environment with co-workers – practice 

Week 4 –Taking On Your Performance 

Improving performance based on Self-Learning Team principles – practice

These are sample modules for 3 X 4 week for total 12-week programs*

AGILE DEI Solutions

You need something more tailored to the objectives of your team. We offer customized training, workshops, and leadership courses to help your team grow into the workplace of the future.

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These programs are ideal for:

Upper management, middle management, and employees

  • Groups of 20 or more
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Once-a-week sessions for 4 weeks
  • 1 hour-a-day, live, online Training

Pricing is contingent on multiple factors including
group size, experience, and scheduling.

At netwomen.co, we have been assisting our one-on-one clients make huge improvements in their own lives and organizations by encouraging them to seek out leadership positions, reach beyond middle management, and then turn around and help the women following them. 

The statistics speak for themselves, but anecdotally, we can tell you the huge strides that promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have had on not just company cultures but also on the bottom line. More investors, more employees, and customers are seeking companies that not only talk the DEI talk, but walk the DEI walk. 

Time to start walking.