This year International Women’s Day (IWD) theme is  #BreakTheBias which “encourages everyone to
develop a greater understanding of gender bias and be more aware of its existence.
Knowing how gender bias can play out and having the courage and tenacity to pinpoint
and call it out each time is key.”
Here at Netwomen we have been striking the #breakthebias pose and getting involved and
although IWD has passed, we will continue to celebrate every day as if it was IWD and on top
of it all, it is Women’s History Month!
Are your friends or your organization running an IWD 2022 #BreakTheBias campaign, project
or activity? Are you, yourself, embarking on learning more about women’s history to share
your findings to help make a positive change?

Committed and passionate individuals, grassroots community groups and organisations
helps bring these themes to the global stage and educate about women’s history and
So, if you share your activity there is such an encouraging chance that your content can
make a positive influence in the world!

4 Ways to Get Involved:

1. Here are some IWD themed activity ideas to try:

• interview series
• competitions
• videos
• posters
• clothing lines
• social media advocacy campaigns
• campaigns targeting key communities
• creative projects (spoken word poetry, illustrations, typography, rap, etc)
• informative articles or thought leadership pieces
• training materials and resources
• event activity items
• magazine projects

2. Donate

There are organisations that help implement women’s equality around the world that would
appreciate any donation. For example:
The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) supports 10 million girls and
young women across 152 countries, making it the world's largest international organization
dedicated to girls and young women.

3. Join and Support More Movements

Like, comment or share any IWD you see and we can uplift each other! For example, go on
the #WomenOfTikTok hashtag and engage with a bunch of those.
TikTok is ‘celebrating the power and strength of women. Women of all ages, backgrounds,
shapes and sizes are using TikTok every day to entertain, inspire, educate and motivate’ and
encourages all of us to ‘Raise your voice and share your story’. Takes 1 minute to film
something and put it out there.

4. Conversation, conversation, conversation.

Bring up the campaign in any conversation you have! Call out any sexist or misogynistic
behaviour. Get the conversations circulating, making it impossible to miss. These little things
add up more than you think.

By Farlan- Netwomen ambassador