5 life hacks every woman needs to know in business

We face challenges every day. Luckily, I have found some solutions that I wish to share with you to help with these 5 common, everyday, dilemmas!

  1. The ‘Password’ Dilemma

Passwords need to be safe—and to be safe, they need to be different and unique for every account.  But it quickly becomes challenging to remember them all!! All too often I find myself in a log in screen thinking: well it could be one of these 3 passwords I use.. but if the site requires special characters? Forget about it, I’m definitely lost and always find myself gravitating to that ‘forgot your password’ link which takes time out of everyone’s day! If you write them down, that’s not the safest either. This is especially worrying when using free wi-fi at a coffee shop or library rather than your secure router at home or in the office.

I’ve found a tool called 1Password that solves this problem by locking all of your passwords safely away where no one can get to them except you. And when you need to sign into something? All you need to remember is one master password and you’re in. Just memorise that master password over and over and don’t forget it haha!

2. The ‘When works for you?’ Dilemma

Calendly is a must-have tool for everyone. Especially small business owners and marketers because it eliminates the distraction of scheduling meetings and booking time to work. With this site, you can set up events from your existing calendar and block out times when you’re busy and set times that you are available. If someone wants to set a meeting, they can reserve a time in Calendly without having to submit a calendar request via email—or having to go back and forth on a time that works for both of you. This tool is particularly useful because of its buffers. Users can create buffer times in between meetings, like 10-minute breaks for travel time or stretching and even set up barriers for last-minute meetings. This prevents people from packing your day or adding something to your schedule with only an hour’s notice.

3. The ‘Sluggish Hours’ Dilemma

As women, we go through a lot of differing energy stages throughout our menstrual cycle. Keeping up with them can be, well, exhausting! However, after a while we notice that everyone has a particular time of day when they tend to get an extra burst of focus and creativity. For some people, that time comes in the morning. For others, it might come after lunch or even during the evening.

For myself, I find I am most productive in the evenings. This tends to go against the grain of the normal work day hours of 8am-5pm. However, I know this is when I do my best work so I do it then. If you are in the same boat, make sure to let others around you know of this and keep at it when you have the most energy! You’ve got this!

Ryan Smith, CEO and co-founder of Qualtrics says:

“Understand how your brain works and when you are most productive. For me, I’ve gotten rid of lunch meetings to keep my productive time going as long as I can.” 

Smith says that his most productive time is in the morning and lasts through the early afternoon. That means he has gotten into the habit of scheduling any meetings later in the day, so they don’t interrupt his most productive time.

4. The ‘Mental Fog’ Dilemma

“Start and end the day with a huge glass of water (I drink plenty of water throughout the day as well). Proper hydration is key to productivity, energy, and mental clarity. Oftentimes when you feel sluggish, you’re actually dehydrated. Grabbing a coffee or energy drink will not help, but water will. And it’s free!” – Rachna Govani, Founder of Foodstand.

Water is life! We are 70% of it. We all know that, but you might be surprised to learn that even 2% of dehydration levels in the body can result in significant deterioration in mental functions. A study revealed that dehydration could cause variation in cognitive performance, impacting individuals’ short-term memory and arithmetic ability. So next time you feel thirsty, make sure to give your body all the fuel it needs to be productive.

5. The ‘Feeling Alone in Work’ Dilemma

Whether it’s starting out your business, sitting alone at an office desk or struggles in your career. We’ve all been there. It gets very lonely in this world sometimes! This is why joining a community, group or network is crucial for every woman. Netwomen is a supportive global community that all want each other to succeed as we elevate each other to the top positions. We have 3-4 monthly events where we come together and celebrate our weekly wins and help find solutions for your questions and struggles. We also connect people to what they need for example, too much on your plate? We know copywriters, designers, lawyers etc so that you can delegate to- with great rates! Vice Versa, we know clients for you if you are a copywriter, sales, marketer or lawyer yourself.

Join us today to start your journey to a more supported and fulfilled work life. 

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