5 ways to attract and retain gen Z talent- from the perspective of a gen Z

Born between 1997 and 2012, Generation Z includes about 67 million people. Born December 1998, this makes me one of them. I’m 23 and everyone my age is either in, or looking for work. This is a huge, mostly untapped potential (and unestimated!) workforce that are going to be the future leaders of the world in time so you definitely want them amongst your staff now.

⭐ What motivates Gen Z?

They need to know that your company cares about the environment and that it offers good development opportunities. The iCIMS Class of 2021 report found that 58% of college seniors look for diversity to be showcased during the hiring or interview process. Stock images and empty mission statements won’t cut it for Gen Z. Instead, they look for concrete displays of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within your brand. Having a netwomen.co corporate membership or a netwomens’ inclusive leadership course, for example, would show a tangible commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Speed is key. 

60% of Gen Z say the job application alone should take less than 15 minutes. Gen Z grew up with technology in a way that no other generation did. They need to be able to see that your company is tech savvy. The application should be easy to find and the listing should include things they care about like commute time, salary, responsibilities and opportunities. Listing that they have access to a supportive community of women with their job position would put your organisation above the rest.

 🧠❤️ Put your money where your mouth is on mental health support.

To keep your Gen Z employees, put mental health front and centre, support them with providing coaching and make onboarding a community building exercise. Netwomen has 3 events monthly to ensure that support is provided to anyone in our community. This is another reason to get your organisation affiliated with netwomen today.


💸 Be transparent with salaries.

Gen Z wants to work for fair and diverse companies that reflect their values — and they need transparency from organisations to prove it. Transparent salaries also can make your workforce more productive and motivated. Research from Tel Aviv University found employee performance decreased when salaries were kept secret and that they performed much better when the salaries were transparent!

👂 Listen to their needs. 

They want an option to work from home and work in person. This is because some crave that office experience that we’ve never experienced before having been isolated by the pandemic.

Others do their best work at home. I know that I’m a little in between the two. The option should be there to attract and keep your gen z employees flourishing.

What can netwomen offer you or your gen z employees?

  • They can develop leadership skills and share visions/challenges for the organisation by participating in peer sessions with executive coaches 

  • Learn from speakers at the events, many of who are leaders in their industry

  • Establish connections and build long-term relationships to create belonging

  • Join our global collaboration event to build relationships and connect with women from all over the world

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