December Reflections: Harnessing DEIB in Goal Setting for Women in Business

As December unfolds, it presents a pivotal moment for women in the business world, especially through the lens of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). This month is not merely a time for holiday cheer and wrapping up the fiscal year; it’s an invaluable opportunity for reflection, goal-setting, and embracing DEIB principles to foster personal and professional growth.

Reflecting with a DEIB Focus

1. Celebrate Diversity in Your Achievements: Acknowledge how your unique perspective as a woman in business has contributed to your successes. Recognise the diverse challenges you’ve overcome and the varied skills you’ve acquired. This celebration of diversity in your journey reinforces the importance of varied voices in business.

2. Equity in Learning from Challenges: Reflect on the year’s challenges through an equity lens. How have you navigated systemic barriers or advocated for fair treatment in your professional sphere? Understanding these experiences can fuel your commitment to fostering equity in your workplace and beyond.

3. Inclusivity in Personal Growth: As you assess your growth, consider how you’ve contributed to creating an inclusive environment. Have you supported other women and underrepresented groups? Reflecting on these actions aligns your personal growth with the broader aim of inclusivity in the business world.

DEIB-Driven Goal Setting

1. Goals for a Diverse Future: Set goals that not only advance your business but also promote diversity. This might include diversifying your team, engaging with minority-owned suppliers, or developing products/services that address the needs of diverse groups.

2. Equity in Opportunities: Aim to create or seek out equitable opportunities, both for yourself and others. This could involve advocating for fair policies, mentoring emerging women leaders, or participating in programs that support underrepresented entrepreneurs.

3. Inclusive Leadership Goals: Set objectives that enhance your ability to lead inclusively. Whether it’s through training, building diverse teams, or fostering a culture where all voices are heard, inclusive leadership is key to a thriving business environment.

Strategic Planning with a DEIB Lens

1. Action Plans that Embrace Diversity: Ensure your strategies and action plans reflect a commitment to diversity. This might involve diversity audits, inclusive marketing strategies, or collaborations with diverse business partners.

2. Building Equitable Networks: Strengthen your network with a focus on equity. Seek relationships with organisations and individuals who share your commitment to DEIB, and explore how these connections can enhance your business and personal growth.

3. Inclusivity in Adaptation: Regularly review your goals with an inclusivity lens. Be open to adapting your strategies to be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of a diverse clientele and workforce.

Conclusion: The DEIB Path Forward

This December, as we step back to reflect and plan, let’s integrate DEIB into every facet of our goals. For women in business, embracing DEIB is not just about personal or business growth—it’s about contributing to a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging-driven business world.

Our journey is enriched by our diverse experiences, and our goals are strengthened by our commitment to equity and inclusion. As we enter the new year, let’s carry this DEIB focus forward, leading not just with our business acumen, but with our dedication to making the business world a space where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.