Program 1 | HR Reboot

Why Employees Leave: An Introduction to Adaptive Solutions

taught by certified trainers with real-world experience

For HR Personnel and HR Managers

This highly interactive workshop will give your HR team the skills and the tools necessary to understand why employees leave and how to stop attrition from happening at your company.

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Week One

Why Employees Leave

Let’s look at the numbers! With a survey of over 800 fields, we look at why employees left work, spot patterns within the data, and come up with conclusions that can be applied to your workforce.

Week Two

Top 3 Reasons and Solutions

We’ll examine the top three reasons people leave employment, how your company is currently addressing those reasons, and come up with some solutions that fit the data and your company ethos.

Week Three

Leadership and Communication

How to maximize employee engagement and retention in a diverse structured corporate environment – leadership optimization models and dual communications systems.

Week Four

Adaptive Solutions

New HR agility and fluidity modalities including Adaptive Solutions are necessary for the diverse workforce of the future. (We’re talking within a decade!) We also examine how DEI and gender pay and promotion gap awareness play into being better at gaining and retaining your best staff.

AGILE DEI Solutions

You need something more tailored to the objectives of your team. We offer customized training, workshops, and leadership courses to help your team grow into the workplace of the future.

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These programs are ideal for:

HR personnel and management who want to be leaders within their organizations

  • Groups of 20 or more
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Once-a-week sessions for 4 weeks
  • 1 hour-a-day, live, online Training

Pricing is contingent on multiple factors including
group size, experience, and scheduling.

Add-on Service

Optional After Care Consulting

Feel like you could use a little more support after your sessions? Now that we’ve spent some time with your team and we understand your structure, we would love to be a resource you can reach out to. 

You can schedule a time or buy a block of hours after you’ve completed a session so that you can talk with us when you need us.