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DEI Leadership Essentials to Retain Employees

taught by certified trainers with real-world experience

For HR Managers, VPs, and Managers

Stop watching your talent walk out the door by improving leadership from the top down.

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Retention is a huge cost saver for employers. You’ve invested in your staff with expensive training, bonuses, even specialized things like standing desks…but employees are still walking away. 

When your management doesn’t know how to get optimal employee engagement and increase retention, they need a new set of skills! We help you get to the bottom of how to keep your employees happy and engaged with your company culture as well as how to spot untapped leadership potential, ultimately saving you on hiring and training costs.

Week One

Modern Leadership Theories and Practices

We’ll discuss effective approaches in creating and maintaining a  Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, and ultimately profitable workplace culture. Participants will work to identify areas of improvement and collaborate with each other and the facilitator to come up with strategies and workable solutions that fit your organization.

Week Two

Situational Leadership and Behavioral Style Management

Discover your management style and how you can communicate, collaborate, and motivate your team using your strengths. We also help you overcome your blind spots and learn how to spot them so that you can get the best results from the team you lead.

Week Three

Characteristics of Optimal Leaders

We’ll go in-depth to explore the 15 optimal leadership factors that impact a team’s ability to work together towards common goals and maintain agility and strength when times get tough. Then, we’ll focus on five characteristics selected by participants that they think would most benefit your organization’s leadership and management when it comes to employee engagement, retention, satisfaction and overall performance.

Week Four

DEI, the Gender Gap, and Cultural Diversity

By looking at statistics, case studies, and encouraging anecdotal evidence from participants, we’ll uncover why these aspects of hiring, management, and company culture are key to achieving optimal employee engagement and retention. We also give you access to The Self-Learning Team tool for leaders.

AGILE DEI Solutions

You need something more tailored to the objectives of your team. We offer customized training, workshops, and leadership courses to help your team grow into the workplace of the future.

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These programs are ideal for:

HR personnel and management who want to be leaders within their organizations

  • Groups of 20 or more
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Once-a-week sessions for 4 weeks
  • 1 hour-a-day, live, online Training

Pricing is contingent on multiple factors including
group size, experience, and scheduling.

Add-on Service

Optional After Care Consulting

Feel like you could use a little more support after your sessions? Now that we’ve spent some time with your team and we understand your structure, we would love to be a resource you can reach out to. 

You can schedule a time or buy a block of hours after you’ve completed a session so that you can talk with us when you need us.