The average person spends nearly 90,000 hours at work over the course of a lifetime. If you’re an entrepreneur, that number may be even higher. That’s an awfully long time to be miserable. In fact, it’s a breeding ground for burnout. 


Entrepreneurs and small Biz owners are at a high risk of burnout. According to a January 2022 Forbes article, nearly 81% work alone, meaning they are doing all the things. All the time. This Constant busyness leads to overwhelm. It makes it hard to prioritize because everything feels urgent. After a while, it gets to be too much and you may start feeling like you are trapped on a hamster wheel with no means of escape. 


All this toxic productivity leads to chronic stress, which left unmanaged leads to total exhaustion, apathy & burnout. 


I don’t know about you, but I do not have time for that! After having my own burnout experience, I never want to feel like that again and I don’t want you to either. That’s why I became a Productivity Consultant focused on #JOYFullProductivity.


What is JOYFull Productivity? 


JOYFull Productivity means consistently focusing on your gifts, skills & talents while you simultaneously eliminate all the shit that blocks your joy & creates overwhelm. It means that you no longer believe in the hustle & grind, fake it till you make it bull that prevents you from living your best life. It means you are confident and clear on your path forward.  


JOYFull Productivity is freedom. Freedom to dump, delegate, redesign or digitize elements of your life & Biz. Freedom to use your gifts as you see fit. Freedom to choose how you spend your time.  Freedom to dream, set goals, take inspired action. Freedom to become exactly who you are. 


JOYFull Productivity is confidence. Confidence to set & maintain boundaries.  Confidence to take risks & accept new opportunities. Confidence to capitalize on your expertise for more revenue. Confidence to let go of your programming & forge a new path. Confidence that your gifts, skills, talents & accomplishments are enough. 


JOYFull Productivity is clarity. Clarity on priorities. Clarity on your Zone of Genius so you can stop doing everything and start doing only what you do best. Clarity on who & what motivates you, supports you, encourages you to keep going. Clarity on the gifts, skills & talents most likely to move you forward. 


JOYFull Productivity is cash flow. When you delegate & establish processes & structure, you have more time and freedom to focus on income generating activities.  Accomplishing your revenue goals will take less time. 

Wondering if you could be on the road to burnout or just want more on the warning signs? Take our Burnout Quiz & get a FREE Text Course on the Basics of Burnout. 

By Janifer Wheeler- netwomen ambassador