The benefits of Peer connection

According to the Harvard Business Review, 55% of people in work life will often turn to their peers when they want to learn something new.

Netwomen hold peer connection events every month where we

share our challenges with women who understand the work life struggles, celebrate our wins together to keep us motivated, hold each other accountable so we make sure we are all making improvements in our lives and happiness and trade honest and real feedback from business and career women with different skills and abilities. Peer support tends to offer greater levels of self‐efficacy, empowerment, and engagement. Here are some of the reasons why peer connection events are so beneficial:

  1. Peer support tends to offer greater levels of self‐efficacy, empowerment, and engagement. This comes from sharing knowledge and social connectedness experienced from interacting with peers. Also, the mutual exchange of strategies to cope with the everyday challenges of work life is an important aspect of the peer connection. There is a lot of value in sharing with people who have overcome similar challenges.

  2. It lets you learn more things and faster

The Harvard Business Review states that peer connection aligns naturally with how we naturally learn new skills. They describe what is called a Learning Loop: ‘People gain new skills best in any situation that includes all four stages of what we call the “Learning Loop”: gain knowledge; practice by applying that knowledge; get feedback; and reflect on what has been learned. Peer support encompasses all of these.’

  1. You learn by teaching others: knowledge sharing 

Knowledge sharing is the transfer of tactic knowledge. We can benefit from participating in peer-to-peer learning because, as we coach others, we learn more ourselves. Essentially, each participant in peer learning will be able to strengthen their skills through the experience of sharing them with others. Whether they teach or learn from them, it’s a win-win for everyone.

  1. It’s more comfortable than other event settings

Peer connection events also enable knowledge sharing among participants in a comfortable setting. Rather than planning and giving a formal presentation on a topic, sharing knowledge among peers is less intimidating. There is room to make mistakes and learn from them from this collaborative setting. It’s a back and forth style of learning where they can bounce ideas off each other. 

  1. It opens up new opportunities and inspiration

Peer learning helps us take ownership of our own career path and development. It creates more independence, allowing us to direct our development. By connecting with other women you’ll gain a broader perspective on different career paths. You may find new opportunities and ideas to set new goals for your career or business or also how to improve your current work situation to fit you better.

By Farlan- netwomen ambassador

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