A study  carried out by GFLEC (the Global Financial Literacy Excellence centre)
found that although on average, women are less financially literate than men, it is likely due
to a confidence gap and the lack of support for women to be knowledgeable in this area.

The study continues that “confidence plays an important role

in the accumulation of human capital.

Small initial differences in confidence, such as those related

to gender, can result in large differences in human capital



This is significant as the same goes for financial knowledge and wealth. Seemingly small
different levels of confidence between men and women can result in large differences in
accumulated financial literacy and financial wellbeing in the long run.

For example, long term decisions such as retirement funds, private savings and investment.
Since women, as a whole, are less encouraged to learn into these things and make these
decisions, the consequences can be large, especially considering how women have a longer
lifespan on average compared to men. Those extra years without financial planning can be
detrimental and not allow us women to live to our full potential despite us having financial

How do we close this confidence gap and empower women to make
these important decisions?

1. Join a Network!
This is where Netwomen come in. Having a community to support you and uplift you is
crucial to making sure you feel empowered in your decisions. Netwomen is a platform that
offers collaboration, connection, compassion and creativity. Also, the guidance and the
ability to bounce ideas off of others offered in a network is unmatched by what other things
can offer you.

2. Consume Uplifting and Empowering Content
What we consume can often lead to our frame of mind so let’s be consuming online
positively! There are many women out there devoted to making it easier for getting women
inspired and involved in the financial and tech areas. TikTok and social media star Tori
Dunlap, believes that “having a financial education is a woman’s best form of protest”. Find
people you could see yourself in! Surround yourself with female role models who normalise
talking about money, investing, asking for equal pay and building wealth. Start by following
the Netwomen social media pages like Instagram, Linked In etc.

3. 1 to 1 Coaching
Pinky offers 1 to 1 focused and confidential encouragement and support. She can teach
you practical tips and tools for overcoming limiting beliefs and show you how to build
confidence so you can unlock your true potential and make more money and better money
decisions. Having such a personal and tailored experience can be a game changer for most people.

Also, having someone there to keep you accountable for your self growth is an
investment for yourself you will always be grateful for. Book your discovery call here.

4. Know You Have Untapped Power and Let Other Women Know Too
The human brain is a very powerful thing. Don’t doubt it! It’s never too late to learn new
things and in doing so, it empowers both your self image of yourself and your choices.
Utilise this and encourage other women to join you in learning. It makes things a lot easier
when you’re not alone in something.

Collectively increasing women’s financial power aligns
with building a sustainable future for all.


Vanessa Menchaca-Wachtmeister Speaker, Internationally Recognized Finance Blogger and

viral TikTok influencer, makes a good point: “It’s hard to be one of these
(very financially literate) women because we’re trying to learn something relatively
complex, while we have to defend ourselves and defend our positions in these industries”.
We all know all too well the challenges we face internally and externally but just think how
your future self will thank you for taking the steps to improve your confidence and financial
knowledge now. The more of us that we get on board, the better life it will be for us, our
daughters and our daughter’s daughters.

Let’s break the stigma, change the statistics, make those decisions and get stuck into
finance together!

By Farlan netwomen ambassador