Why leaders need to reshape organisational culture for the next generations

The next generation (Gen Z and Millenials) have been identified as the most expected to leave their jobs. Therefore, it is crucial to understand their organisational culture expectations.

The definition of organisational culture is: the way people collaborate and motivate each other, the way decisions are made, and the way value is created within an organisation.

So, how should we shape an organisation’s culture that works for the next generation, providing them with an exceptional employee experience?

Here are some tips from me, a Gen Z:

  1. Flexible working is a non-negotiable- you have to have it!

Flexibility is no longer nice to have- it’s an expectation. The next generation has experienced studying from home and isolation and in many cases they have started their career virtually. However, even though some people prefer working at home now as the normal, virtual working often leads to feelings of decreased engagement and collaboration. We desire face-to-face connection that positively impacts our personal motivations and enriches our experiences. This highlights the importance of providing spaces and events for social interaction as a part of your organisational culture.

  1. Provide a wider purpose

The feeling that comes from contributing to a wider purpose is a critical factor that we would always look for within an organisation’s culture. The next generation expects organisations to stand for something meaningful today and have a clear vision for the value that they plan to create tomorrow. Leaders must go beyond focussing on making profit and instead demonstrate their commitment to important causes. Having a corporate membership with netwomen would be a perfect way to display this. Working for a company that shows they care about bridging the gender gap and working toward a more fair and just world is a motivating factor that would set apart your organisation from the rest. Find out how to get involved with netwomen corporate membership today here: https://www.netwomen.co/corporate-membership/

  1. Make them feel like they belong

Belonging is a key component of intrinsic motivation, and specifically relates to employees needing to feel valued and have a sense of security in the workplace. The 2021 EY Empathy in Business Survey states that 48% of the employees have previously left a job because they did not feel like they belonged!! The next generation, after being so isolated, needs a sense of belonging in the workplace. Initiatives such as diversity, equity and inclusion (D,E&I) should be at the center of organisational culture.employees are actively invited to participate. Ways leaders can provide a sense of belonging for the next generation is by encouraging and valuing their input in meetings and providing netwomen, a supportive mentor community that they can relate to. They can also prioritise creating an environment where employees feel able to participate in sharing their opinions — regardless of their rank. Netwomen has an inclusive leadership course that will give you the tools to do just this. This builds an environment where the next generation can trust they will be heard. Check out our inclusive leadership course here: https://www.netwomen.co/inclusive-leadership-program/

In conclusion, there is still a gap between employees’ and employers’ priorities. To close this gap, (while simultaneously closing the gender gap!) leaders must be transparent with employees, provide growth opportunities such as a netwomen membership and maintain open communication to build trust and provide reassurance. Leadership transparency is vital in creating an organisational culture with a high-performing workforce. Encouraging feedback through listening groups, and providing a community of women to support and elevate, will build an environment where the next generation feels heard and valued.

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